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the independent learner

The independent learner


Teachers will learn how to promote self-regulation in the classroom with research-based teaching strategies backed by evidence-based pedagogy—all while equipping students with crucial metacognitive models and the ability to take ownership of their learning.

You can also find an overview and editorial reviews here.

Editorial Reviews

The introduction clearly states the purpose of the book is to provide useful strategies along with the research that backs [them] up. Throughout the book, the author does just that. The descriptions are clear and examples are provided to ensure that teachers can literally take strategies from this book and implement them the next day.

Whitney Freije

Seventh-grade teacher, Windsor Central School District, Windsor, New York

The comprehensive content is appealing to educators who serve multiple grade levels and content areas, or to make available to school campuses as a professional learning resource.

Nancy Petolick

Instructional coach and interventionist, Savannah Elementary, Denton ISD, Aubrey, Texas

This book is easy to read and follow, and the external links and the reproducible materials are excellent.

Nathalie Fournier

K–5 French immersion teacher, Prairie South School Division, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

about nina

Nina Parrish has over 18 years of experience in the field of education where she has worked as a special education teacher, education center director, speaker, and educational consultant.

Nina is the co-founder and chief academic officer of Parrish Learning Zone in Virginia. She enjoys working with students each day to tackle obstacles they are facing in school and renew their excitement for learning. Nina has worked in both urban and suburban schools and in her current position works in collaboration with public school teachers at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. 


Nina writes a blog called The Learning Zone and her writing has been featured in national and international publications including Edutopia, We are Teachers, Huff Post, Teaching Tolerance, Norton K-12 Talk, and Education Week. Nina holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Mary Washington, a teaching certification in Special Education from North Carolina A&T, and a Master’s Degree in Education for School Counseling from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Follow her on Twitter @parrishlearning.

Nina Parrish
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Nina has been in various media outlets around the country.

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